Products Overview

We screen and perform phytochemical analysis of plants in order to select only those with high concentration of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidants or anti-microbial metabolites to include in our 100% natural green patches, medicinal plants for baths and our mix aromatic plant ingredients. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality products that can suppress inflammation, contribute to improve body performance and health and prevent sport injuries.


Tendinitis Pain Relief – Green Patch 

Tendinitis pain usually occurs when a tendon is inflamed from excessive exercise or from acute injury durant sport activities. The inflammation can last for a week or two and pain, redness or heat is usually perceived. Healing can take several weeks. Common tendinitis usually occur around the wrists, knees, elbows and shoulders. Reducing inflammation using green patches can help to speed the healing process and might prevent injuries from becoming chronic. 

Sprains Pain Relief – Green Patch

Most sprains occur in the wrist, ankle and elbow and the inflammation is due to an injury to a ligament. Localized pain and heat can be reduced or sometimes suppressed when applying topically ice before the green patch. 

Muscle Strains Pain Relief – Green Patch

Strains occur from tears in muscle tissue. It is one of the most commonly seen sport injury and are usually located around the calf and thigh. Applying anti-inflammatory aromatic plants can reduce pain and help to speed muscles repair. 


Plants for Pain Relief – Cream

Cream made from extract of 100% essential medicinal plants having a strong pain relief activity. Pain and heat can be reduced and suppressed when applying topically after an injury. 

Plants for Recovery – Cream

Plants for Recovery Cream include a selection of natural bioactive molecules from organic medicinal plants that can help sore muscles and tissues to recover after intense workout.

Natural Anti-inflammatory from Plants – Cream

Mix of medicinal plant extracts that include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant terpenes, carotenoids and bioflavors that can reduce inflammation and minimize free-radical damage of cells and prevent muscle degeneration due to repeat stress on muscles, joins and tendons. 

Our analysis and products development

Our research and development analytical platform: We screen and perform phytochemical analysis of large number of plants, food ingredients and aromatic herbs to select only those with top quality of biomolecules we include in our products. Indeed, despite the fundamental similarity in a same variety, plants produce a vast array of different chemical compounds at a different concentrations depending on many factors such as growing and light conditions, harvesting and conditioning treatments, watering and environment stress factors, etc.  The amount and the number of bioactive molecules can be significantly different even in the same plant phenotype.   

Only high level of purity and quality of our products

Quality are our priority: Our products genuine and authentic, are organic Bio packed in sustainable materials and do not include any chemicals or GMO constituents, no added essential oils, natural or artifitial flavours or any colorant.  Our products include only 100% plants. 

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