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Tendinitis Pain Relief - Green Patch Kit - 100% plants

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Tendinitis Pain Relief - Green Patch Kit - 100% plants


Tendinitis. Pain and inflammation relief in sport injuries.


Tendinitis Pain Relief – Green Patch Kit formulated for athletes who experience strong pain and inflammation in jured rea. This product contains mix of aromatic plants analysed and selected for their high composition in bioactive molecules effective for reducing inflammation, redness and heat injury area. Reducing inflammation can help to speed the healing process and might prevent injuries from becoming chronic.

Quality Features

-The kit is easy to use

-Organic plants (Bio)

-100 % natural plants

-Pure plants

-Does not contain any essential oils, no additives, no chemicals, no GMO

-Screened, analyzed and selected plants

-Vegan product


This product has been formulated to reduce inflammation and to relieve pain of athletes in case of sport injuries: Tendinitis.

How does Green Patch work?

Green Patch contains aromatic and therapeutic anti-inflammatory compounds that inhibit cyclooxygenase, thereby reducing the formation of prostaglandins released by the body in response to sport injury.

How to use Green Patch Kit for sport Injuries?

Green Patch Kits are easy to use. Each delivered kit includes  necessary materials for topical application of plants on injured area. Please read and follow instructions and recommendations available on each pack. Topical use only on injured area. This item cannot be used as an infusion or for any other purposes other than what is recommended on the pack of each product. This item contains natural methyl salicylate (aspirin). Any person with methyl salicylate (aspirin) allergy or intolerance should not use this product. Please Keep out of reach of children and babies. Pregnant and lactating women should first seek medical advice before using this product. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If symptoms persist consult medical advice. Green patches cannot be used on irritated skin, sensitive skin or on wounds.

This product is not a medication. Store in a cool place (+15-25°C) away from light.

When should someone use Green Patch for sports injuries?

Green Patches can be used topically to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in tendinitis.


This product contains a mix of medicinal plants analyzed and selected for their high composition in anti-inflammatory and pain relief metabolites including methyl salicylate (aspirin) naturally present in some plants.


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