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Post-Workout Relax- Swiss WineStyle Plants for Bath

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Post-Workout Relax- Swiss WineStyle Plants for Bath


Post-Workout Recovery. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effect.


Swiss WineStyle Relax Plants for Bath comprises a mix of plants analysed and selected for their antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and calming effects while promoting emotional stability after intensive workout. To be added to a warm bath.

Quality Features

-Organic plants (Bio)

-100 % natural plants

-Does not contain any essential oils, no additives, no chemicals, no GMO

-Screened, analyzed and selected plants

-Vegan product


This item has been formulated for athletes who need to relax and speed recovery of sore muscles after exercise and intense workout.

How to use Plants for Bath?

Plants Baths are easy to use. Please read and follow instructions and recommendations available on each pack. This item cannot be used as an infusion or for any other purposes other than what is recommended on the pack of each product. Pregnant and lactating women should first seek medical advice before using this product. To be added to a warm bath.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

When should someone use Plants for bath?

Plants for Bath can be used to relax and to reduce soreness of muscles due to intense and prolonged period of exercises and sport activities.


This product contains a mix of aromatic plants analyzed and selected for their high composition in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants biomolecules naturally occurring in plants.


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