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Muscles Repair - Antioxidants Mix

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Muscles Repair - Antioxidants Mix


Muscles Repair. Enhance muscle damage repair in sport injury.


Muscles Repair -Essential Antioxidants includes a mix of food ingredients and plants analysed and selected for their essential bioactive strong anti-oxidative level that minimize free-radical damage to muscles and enhance damaged muscle repair in a sport injury. This product can be added to any meal or drink or taken just as an infusion.

Quality Features

-Organic plants and ingredients (Bio)

-100 % natural

-Does not contain any essential oils, no additives, no chemicals, no GMO

-Screened, analyzed and selected plants and ingredients

-Vegan product


This product has been formulated for athletes seeking to increase protection from free radicals damage on muscles cells and to enhance damaged muscles repair in a sport injury.

How to use Antioxidants Mix?

This product can be added to any meal or drink or taken just as an infusion. Please read and follow instructions and recommendations available on each pack. Children, pregnant and lactating women should first seek medical advice before using this product.

This product is not a medication. Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

When should someone use Antioxidants Mix?

Antioxidants Mix can be used to prevent and enhance injured muscles repair in sport activities.


This product contains a mix of aromatic plants analyzed and selected for their high composition in strong antioxidant biomolecules naturally occurring in plants.


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