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We are a research and development company based in Vevey Switzerland. Our main activities are in food, flavours and health research with a special focus on medicinal plants. We analyze medicinal plants and select only those with high level of bioactive molecules that contribute to suppress inflammation, improve health, body performance and wellbeing. 

Products Range

Eptes Research delivers worldwide preventive, corrective and wellbeing products that can be used by our customers to reduce and suppress inflammation and recovery. Our natural organic blends of medicinal and therapeutic plants are delivered under different forms such as green patches, mix bioactive plant extract creams or therapeutic natural  crude plants for baths. 

Our Team

Our professional and effective sales team, with several years of expertise in medicinal and aromatic plants chemistry, is available for our customers and ready to provide them with the best products and efficient assistance that fulfill their requirements. We always remain attentive to our customer demands and we are working constantly to improve our products.

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